A Wearable Technology Project

Video production and front end development & design of CRPGlass Google Glass Medical Application


1) Person walking, witnesses someone passing out (syncope)

2) Individual says “OKGLASS, CPRGLASS”
A) Instructions appear ABC (AssessAirway Breathing and Circulation)
B) “OK GLASS, No Pulse!”

3) This triggers the following algorithm
A) Staying Alive Music starts which will guide you to do the compressions at a rate of 100/min. (Like AHA Video)
B) Gyroscope tells you if compressions are adequate enough by moving
C) Tracks TIME of CPR initiation and # of compressions given
D) Calls 911 with your GPS based location
E) Via GPS will try to find nearest AED which information is being obtained by crowdsourcing. Ex AED4US
F) Sends Txt Msg to nearest hospital with information regarding undergoing CPR for them to get prepared